Roasted Almond Write Off?

Posted on November 8, 2011


I can write off my roasted almond tea with boba on my taxes right? I think the fact that this is a work “event” means I can. Maybe especially because my students have a tendency to not show up. I’m fine with catching up on paperwork, tweaking our budget, and completing some homework for my leadership class “on the clock.” I don’t really have a clock really, though, so that phrase is moot. Making my own schedule rocks.

No pictures to show for it, but I made my first open shape on the pottery wheel yesterday. We shall call it a bowl for now even though it may or may not end up functioning very well as one. This wheel thing is much much more difficult than it looks. Nate and I have both had some serious frustrations for it and have “wasted” much clay in the process, but we’re saving as much of the waste as we can to reuse with our slip molds.

Off to a mussel cook off. Nate and I took to Restaurant Depot today and managed to come away with 15 lbs of bacon, 11 lbs of strip steak, 60 avacados ( these were only $15.55!!!) and some other awesome deals. Buying in bulk isn’t always a great idea, but we have a massively huge freezer thanks to Justin’s parents, and we plan to make good use of it. Now to just stop Nate from freaking out and thinking the thing doesn’t work. It’s been sucking electricity and being cold for days, but he’s afraid of losing many many steaks. I would be too, but I can’t help but think, well, if the freezer doesn’t work, we’ll just be having one massive cookout in the next week or so!

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