Making Our Not So Secret Garden

Posted on November 5, 2011


Today some loverly people were so kind to come over and help Duke and I set the stage for our semi-urban garden. We spread grass clippings, rotting pumpkins, rabbit poop, covered them in cardboard boxes, put every last bit of our compost we could manage to collect over that and mulched around and between the patches where we plan to grow food.

This is intended to be a functional garden in that while it may be beautiful (or will be when we get more accomplished on it), it will grow things that we can consume ourselves and share with others. It’s a good time to start some lettuce (a bit late, but we can try) and I’m sure we’ll have hordes of tomatoes sprout up from the compost that we never actually intentionally planned.

Not that it’s finished, but I still want to post the glaringly drastic before and after pictures that get some idea of how much work was done before laying boxes and mulch just to clear out the corner where some of the planting will be done. The spicket we’ll use to water the garden [hopefully only some of the time after we set up a rain barrel] was almost inaccessible and is now clearly standing on its own near the corner.

Can’t wait to show you our crops! 🙂




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