Grout & Students

Posted on October 10, 2011


So I didn’t finish the kitchen this weekend as I had intended due to some unexpected factors (my car dying directly after we had purchased and filled it with many perishable groceries), however, I did complete more grout on the back splash. My torn up palms will show you as much (yes, I am applying sanded grout to sharp stones with my bare hands, because it’s what I have and it works). So we at least have enough grout sitting in the kitchen to complete the project even though it is not complete and is maybe at best still just half completed.

I’ll say this much – the part completed looks awesome.

I started a new job last week rather unexpectedly. It was the job that I wanted the most. Thankfully my employer at my last job was very understanding of that situation and that we have to do what we’re passionate about. So now I am a student advocate for high school students completing a diversion program which entails completing their high school diploma online since they were unable/unwilling to complete it in the traditional manner in school for whatever reason. I act as a mentor, semi-social worker hooking them up with community services in the area, teacher helping provide them with tutoring as I can afford it and extra tutoring in the community as they need it, supplemental services, and general morale management to keep them excited about what they’re doing and interested in learning in general.

I am the morale manager, sunshine-spreader, and hope-giver for somewhere near 60 high schoolers at present and I’m loving it 🙂

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