Posted on October 2, 2011


I got along great with everyone at my last job. I was even told I was good at what I did by people who actually got to decide who was good and who wasn’t. But no matter how good I was, it was a desk job, and anyone who knows me probably knows that I have perpetual ants at my pants when I sit down for too long.

So getting a call during my lunch break Friday with an offer for the job I had tried so hard to get before this one felt like Providence if ever I felt that. Now I get to work out in the field and do case management like I’ve wanted to for a while. Getting congratulations, too, from my boss all the way to the hiring manager and people in the office I didn’t even know what kind of nice because they knew I was going to do what my heart was set on and they all value that for me.

In other news, and it is news – despite the fact that some of us in the house almost killed each other in the process, we finally installed the countertop in the kitchen. It’s only been a solid 2 months that we’ve lived here after all and these things take time (or more manpower than we had together and willing all at once prior to last night).

If only I could say that meant we’re done with home improvement…

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