Posted on September 28, 2011


Ohm Shanti was the mantra at yoga class. I asked for the translation because chanting at all is still strange to me, but especially when I don’t know what it means.

Translation is something to the effect of “I shall not be provoked,” since “Shanti” means peace.

I think focusing on not being provokable is imperative for me. It’s probably the pillar for general being at peace and not an anxiety-ridden person (something I’m still just learning about). I enjoy JaiDee (where I go to take yoga) because while they are so helpful in letting us talk to them and hold a dialogue or make requests, I feel like its one place where I go solely to learn and I have no pretended thinking that I can offer them anything – though I’m certain they’d argue with that. I go there to learn and be taught, and it’s so refreshing to know that I am at least capable of keeping my mouth shut for a full hour and fifteen.

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