Our Neighborly Neighbor

Posted on September 15, 2011


It was awesome that our neighbor beat us to being all neighborly and nice by mowing our yard one day. As much of a disaster as our yard has been, and as much of a failure as every attempt at yard day has been, it was a great relief to come home to less of a jungle.

Freecycle is also awesome and I need to rave because we got a practically spanking new dryer for the price of gas to pick it up and the $19 and change it cost to get a cost plug. I liked hanging clothes on the line, but I don’t think we would have ever caught up on laundry line drying since it’s been so rainy and by the time I get home to take them off the line if it’s rained, the clothes are all damp again and that’s just frustrating.

In other news, I started making my xmas gift list (for family and such, not myself) yesterday which was fun – I have some ideas about doing things for the homeless for xmas which I would need a great deal of help with and promotion for, but that will take a bit more planning before it goes entirely public.

My new job is hard – being a workaholic was never my dream, but we’re paying off some debts so that’s a good thing. Trying to tell myself it’s good for us to do that, but being a desk rat has never been my dream.

Oh yeah, and I also graduated. It was uneventful, but I should get my $32k piece of paper in the mail at some point in the near future – and then the considerings of grad school begin!

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