My Pallette

Posted on August 2, 2011


I had some ideas of what I wanted to do with this place before I moved in, but I still had fun searching the web for some inspiration and color ideas.

Here are some of the photos that inspired the color choices or restorations/refinishing that I/we have been working on in the Tampa St. house.

This is what I tried to match for the color in the room that will be Emily Duke’s when she comes down in mid-August.

This picture (which is really two pictures) is some decor that I like, though I haven’t used many of the colors in it as of now.

And these are my color inspirations for the kitchen. I’m refinishing the cabinets and they will be a light tan with a darker stain to antique them, but so far I only have the first layer of tan on them, as we are trying to finish an extensively time-consuming mixed stone mosaic backsplash, leveling the floor, and locking in the base cabinets so that the kitchen is at least semi-usable for cooking, washing dishes, etc.

I’m going to have an awesome before/after album when the place is cleaned up and finished. Since it’s August and the hottest time of the year, I think the yard’s before and after will have to wait because any extensive yardwork will have to wait until at least mid-September when it cools off a little bit.

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