Diatomaceous Earth

Posted on July 12, 2011


I live in Florida. The cockroach capitol of the universe. Yes, I am convinced that when the world end, they will all flock to Florida, and probably Tampa as their central Mecca to worship the gods of humidity and the red tide. (gross)

I’m interested in diatomaceous earth and boric acid for their swear-by-it qualities as far as keeping roaches out of and away from a house. The plan is to employ a system of both of these in our new place (where the previous tenant must have been applying for the lead role in Joe’s Apartment II) and let you know how they work and whether I swear by them. Because if they can save me from my least favorite thing about Tampa, I figure anyone who lives here should know about it.

Also, diatomaceous earth is a completely safe way to eliminate pests without being toxic. In fact, you can eat the stuff for certain health benefits in small quantities. I’m sure the stuff I buy for bugs won’t be food grade, but regardless, it’s nice to know that if it gets in my mouth, it won’t kill me. That’s always a plus.

I eat it, I live. They touch it, they die. Win win!

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