Muenster & Salami

Posted on July 7, 2011


Nate doesn’t like when I rant about European things that I like better than American things – but seriously, who decided that cereal and stale muffins are the epitome of a “continental breakfast?” They suck. Just sayin’. Having hot cocoa, good rolls, and excessive meat and cheese for breakfast/brunch is so much better. All those numbskulls who say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day should have known that it would need sustenance, not a bunch of sugar and watered down milk. Anyway, I just had a muenster and salami sammich on an awesome roll that was just a bit crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Delish.

I’m in the process of mentally (and actually) prepping myself for several things: a move (the shortest one Ever – only ~15 minutes south of here in Tampa!), an art showing (at Kaleisia! Huzzah!), and graduating from college for the second (and probably not last) time.

The latter is farthest off, since it’s only the 3rd week of the term, but 10 weeks flies by fast and that’s as long as my longest class lasts. So 7 weeks from now I’ll have my B.S.. Leave your jokes at the door. Thus far in the last 2 months being that close from graduating has done nothing except prevent me from getting jobs I really wanted.

There will be more on the move and the art show later, as we still have to give our deposit, first month’s rent, and sign the lease and complete many paintings before either of those things will happen (though not all for both).

I interviewed today at The Children’s Home of Tampa for a position in residential. It would be 4 mornings and 1 evening a week and one weekend of the month (I think? They weren’t 100% clear on that). It was great to go to an interview where I knew someone from when I had volunteered there 2 years ago. Also, despite the fact that I didn’t see him today, I know the guy who is the boss now, so if it comes down to it, knowing people is always helpful. I’m not holding my breath on getting the position. They have to call me back for a 2nd interview if they “discuss” me and like me, but also, like The Children’s Home Society position that I applied for in Lutz a while back, they have a great deal of transporting responsibilities and my unfortunate driving record (a spanking ticket each year for the past 4 years – ugh.) prevented me from getting the position.

If I do not get the position, I guess I’ll just start volunteering there again, and hope that I get one of the other 2 positions that I have interviews for later this month. Seriously, if I don’t get either of those, there’s something wrong with me. I’ve never been without a job this long while looking for a job, so this is a bit disappointing for me. However, I’m still looking for positions in my field, which greatly reduces the number of openings. I have no doubt I could get a job pushing papers for some jerk in a corporate office somewhere while having to wear still slacks and painful shoes. I appreciate Henry David Thoreau sentiments on dress codes at work: Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.

I fully intend to advance my career to the point of bliss while wearing jeans, t-shirts, and flip-flops (and occasionally no shoes at all if I can get away with that).

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