Failings of a Housewife

Posted on May 11, 2011


I am a terrible housewife. In fact, the only reason I am a housewife right now is because my last job was too much in a 40 hour work week for me to manage and pass my 12 credit hours at OSU at the same time. I barely manage to keep enough clean underwear in our drawers, the sink is always full of dirty dishes (the only thing I keep cleaned regularly is our tea infuser, because if we’re going to stay sane, let’s face it – we’ll need tea, and a lot of it), the floor can stand to be swept at least 3 times a day and we’ll still track Florida sands around everywhere (mainly the bed – ugh.), & counter space is partitioned out to hold the overflow of dirty dishes and food that we never put in the cupboards.

Let’s face it – I have failed in this department.

I’ve also failed somewhat in the school department, because – well, here I am writing this instead of reading Chapter 7 in Bjorklund about the development of basic-level processes and executive functions in our brains. I always convince myself if one more thing changes (I get a different job, I don’t work at all, I go to this coffee shop or I get a more comfy chair to study in) then I’ll be the student I want to be and actually read everything on time.

It’s a lie. I won’t do it. I am what I am and I have only those occasional misconceptions about changing that.

On the other hand, there are Ghiradelli brownies on the counter fresh for the eating, enough food – as random as it may be – to feed us until we get paid again, we cuddle a great deal in our slightly sand-tracked bed, I’m still passing all my classes – even learning things as I go, & the best solution I have to cleaning is also the most satisfying one – piling the extra things in bags and giving it away. God knows someone else can use it more than I am.

I may not be great at being a housewife, but I am awesome at loving my little life & spending time doing things I love rather than things I’m not so inclined towards in the first place.

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