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Posted on May 9, 2011


We live in a small space. It was done intentionally. Nate & I believe in using and having less in order to do more. We intend on paying off lots of debts in the next few years, though that was scooted to the back burner by my desperate need to actually finish my B.S. degree so that I can get my job of choice.

I hope he doesn’t kill me for this, but I’m going to give you photo documentation of our place. Currently it’s in it’s greatest state of disarray, I think, ever. We also have someone else’s stuff here. We have 3 bikes, one we still owe someone payment for (thanks Missy for being patient with us!), none of which we really have storage room for, 3 shelves full of books and related things, 2 schranks (we have forgone the Americanized closet since the only one here is too small for anything but broom and mop storage), 10,000 ants that climb in any crevice they can, and a great deal of fun. One day I’ll miss this place, but for now I’m trying to enjoy it despite the fact that it’s cluttered from a week of letting Jay sleep on our floor (no room for a guest bed either).

Once upon a time, everything Nate and I owned fit in our respective cars, minus furniture. It’s sad that this probably isn’t true anymore, but still fit into a fairly small space. If you’re shocked when I say we still want to pare down and get rid of things, try not to bed. We still have too much – we can’t keep track of the things we use on a regular basis, and we don’t use half of the things we own on a regular or even semi-not-regular basis. We are still consumers who consume too much. We have a compost pile now, so some of the excess goes back to some good use, but there shouldn’t be so much waste and extra for people who have so much that we owe.

What would you do with such a tiny space if it was all you had? What can you get rid of? My challenge to myself is to donate 2 more paperbags and trash 2 of respective “stuff” and junk in the next week. Could you afford and benefit from doing the same?

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