Loch Lomond

Posted on April 3, 2011


For a measly $10, some dude at Sam Ash music put the sound post of my violin back into place a few days ago for it to be in playing order. Unfortunately, it takes more than that for the playing to sound like music. My husband, like the patient soul that he is (at least when it comes to me ;)), put up with horrendous retuning and shrieking out of what was supposed to be Loch Lomond. It didn’t sound like anything even closely related until about the 15th rendition, but for not having spent time with my little almond-bodied friend in 5 years, I’d say that’s rather good.

Not this last week, but the one before it, was Tampa Underground’s awesome Seven Days event.
I went to 4 of the 6 days (for anyone who doesn’t get it, the 7th was a proverbial, and somewhat literal Sabbath) of the event. I enjoyed the pieces, was inspired to start a piece of my own that is not yet finished, but is huge and will take a lot of work, so it has an excuse, and I especially enjoyed the night with the music (see pictures of this here).

Preson Phillips sounds just like Garth Brooks on his cd, though he didn’t sound as strikingly similar in person. If you’re going to be compared to any country singer when you yourself don’t sing country and it be a compliment, Garth would be the guy for that to happen with. This is a complete digression. But listen to him, you’ll agree. If you don’t, you obviously did not listen to Garth Brooks growing up.

I am ridiculously thrilled about several up and coming things, as well as some present things.

Nate and I finished (and by finished, I mean we did the majority of the entire thing today) planting our garden today. It’s in pots rather than the ground, but this is for mobility as well as hoping that we can keep out the abundance of fire ants. From top Left to bottom Right we have: romaine lettuce, carrots, green beans, basil, thyme, oregano, coriander, green onions, and non-green onions of the regular sort.

Unlike my mother, I have something of a black thumb, so I’m hopeful seeing that we already have some sprouts up. I plan to spend part of tomorrow at Lake House with Jon D. and Natalia so they can fill me in on what they learned while down at ECHO today. The garden is an experiment. One that I would like to go well and continue.

Those other things I’m excited about: two past roommates of mine who live in different states than I at present are both planning on moving to (or back to, as the case may be) Tampa. I am thrilled about this because…I love them! I like having my people close, and since I move around so much, I can’t expect that very often, but it’s exciting to have a new adventure with not-so-new people.

Also, Nate and I have put in an application to live at Lake House when our lease at our tiny place is up. So we’d still be in Tampa for at least another year, but probably several (depends on grad school plans and follow through). I am excited about the chance to live in community and to live not just close to, but with people who are dear to our hearts and share principles of Jesus-ness with us. The kinds that aren’t pew-warming and pamphlet-spreading, but love-giving, home-sharing, need-fulfilling, self-sacrificing. The kinds of people who are the charge to my social and emotional batteries. This wouldn’t happen until August, assuming that all goes as we’d like, but we tend to be open to other options, since we haven’t planned on much in our time together.

grace & peace to you & yours.

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