the cello is the key to my soul

Posted on March 27, 2011


it really is. for some reason i forget this too regularly. i need to learn to play the cello.

anyway. this is basically going to be a purely promotional post. i heard some really great musicians tonight and wanted to promote the ones that i enjoyed profusely, especially the one that included the cello : Adam Randall

Also from tonight and awesome:
Preson Phillips, which is free to download
Booth Jewett, whose CD i would have bought tonight if i knew he had it in his pocket

and people that you should hear that were not a part of tonights music expose at the underground (just youtube them all):

delta spirit
mumford & sons
the brook lee catastrophe
mason jennings
the mountain goats
vienna teng
the weakerthans
the everybodyfields
tilly and the wall
manchester orchestra
damien rice.

be happy.
that is all.

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