fly away home

Posted on March 8, 2011


[a posting of something penned many many years ago by my teenage self]

ladybugs dance on my wall
spontaneously combusting
into a sparkling waltz of pyromania
burning plasters itch in your nostrils
as you stand in a daze and watch me laugh
with a burning lady on the palm of my hand
melting my pain away
the garden angels are flying now
we sing “ladybug, ladybug fly away home…”
and in the midst of laughter, my tears fall
sizzling out the last fallen embers of red and black
i have their wings
but where do I fly?
oh, a tale of poetic justice
i sweep the ashes of the fallen ladies
and scatter their own wings in the southern wind to fly back to their aphids…
home is where the heart is
with my bitter insides I tread back to my homelessness
with a handful of scars
and traces of ash in my hair.

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