Jalopy II

Posted on March 2, 2011


Nate’s car is quite a bit like my car. So, while there may be points in my life where us having two cars is a luxury, at this point it’s something of a necessity because we seem doomed to have one fail when the other one is just barely hanging on. The jalopy has started overheating occasionally and it seems like it must be something to do with a) a heater pipe that appears to be leaking coolant and/or b) the thermostat which isn’t kicking on the radiator on when it needs to, which would exacerbate the pressure on said leak. I believe it is both because it’s not just the pipe leaking, otherwise it would only overheat when low on coolant (right? I think I understand the workings of cars more than I used to at least, but I’m still no mechanic), but yesterday after dropping Nate off at work it was overheating and there was no visible loss of coolant.

Thankfully, I didn’t have anywhere immediate I needed to be and I just sat on the side of 60 out in Brandon with my flashers on and the hood up with my bare feet out the passenger side window and the seat reclined back reading my school book. Occurrences such as that are the reasons why I try to never go anywhere without at least one thing that I need to read or get done, because otherwise I’ll end up stranded and just have to sit around stressing about how many things I should be getting done, but can’t.

We’ve decided to paint Nate’s car, too, now that it’s at least working again. It took a $40 battery charger from WalMart hooked up to it all night long to get the trick done, but I’m pleased that the battery being dead was the main issue and it wasn’t a starter or distributor problem. I’ll either let him reveal to the world the artwork plans for it, or just wait until it’s actually done and post pictures.

My first day of work with F.A.C.E. is being delayed because of needing to get fingerprinted yet again for Hillsborough County, so I didn’t start today, but begin instead tomorrow, bright and early at 7:30 am. I’m done with numbering my posts according to day because that was for when I had issues getting up on time, but I’ve never had a terrible problem getting up early when my paycheck depends on it, and I start work at 7:30, so getting up at 9 won’t be a problem anymore. Now the issue will be making sure I don’t nap.

I know, this is the least fun post I’ve done in a while. I am a person, too. I have things to do. Namely, 3 papers to write. Ew.

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