Day 17: so overrated, but still so good

Posted on March 1, 2011


Sleep. It’s overrated, but it still feels so good. Reconciling those two things is very evidently difficult to me. I didn’t wake up on time today by a long shot, but I also only slept the recommended 8 hours, so today can’t quite be dubbed an awful failure.

It also is not a failure because before 1 pm I received a phone call telling me that I received a position with F.A.C.E. (Florida Autism Center of Excellence) that I applied for last week. Unlike what they told me last week, however, the position will be full-time. They said they were eager to get me started soon. I start Wednesday. I’ll be up far earlier than on time at that point since the position is M-F from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. While I am not a great morning person, I’ve worked the first shift early hours (as early as 5 am on a regular basis) and it’s never pleasant getting up, but when you’re done before 5 pm, it always seems like you got away with something, even when you worked a full 8 hours.

I also made pumpernickel bread today with the bread machine I had left at Junior’s place and got back when she left for NYC, discovering in the process that my yeast is probably no good anymore, seeing as it was more a lump of bread than a loaf. Nevertheless, it was very good. I need to get some fresh yeast and experiment some more with fresh bread. There are not many things in the world better than freshly baked bread. I’d like to take some over to The Banquet some week if I get it together and it turns out right.

While attempting to complete my homework for the day, my awesome email bombardments of cool things sent me an article/link on this project, which I love and would like to do somewhere on an abandoned building here in Tampa somewhere if I can get the approval or just get away with it.

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