Day 16: “fatherly feelings”

Posted on February 28, 2011


Today I went with someone to meet their child for the first time. I have been blessed with interesting relationships where babies/kids are concerned I think. There is a trend toward babies without daddies who are there. Though I suppose this is a worldwide trend and not just one in my own life.

When I left, Nate said that he hoped they would have “strong fatherly feelings” when they saw the baby. I do believe that is exactly what happened, and I appreciated his hoping that a great deal.

It’s important to care for the helpless.
It’s especially important to care for the helpless when you helped in their creation and arrival here in the world in whatever menial part that God allowed you to have.

I find myself caring for the ones that someone along the line didn’t necessarily step up for. Yes, I realize, I cannot help them all, I cannot adopt them all, and I can’t even hope to meet them all or love them all, but I do cherish and relish the difference that I make in the few that I do get to share love with. Knowing how big of a task that is, it means that much more to me when I watch someone in a hard situation that they were a part of, whether they deliberately consider it, or just happen to fall head over heels infatuated with the tiny being that shares their genes, take up the task of caring and loving and helping along the small bundle peach fuzz and eyes as bright as the moon.

The weather was warm, the travel took longer than the visit, but it was wonderful.
God bless the accidental parents of the world. I hope they consider their task a joy much more often than they do a duty.

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