Day 13: Jenna’s Poop Made My Interview

Posted on February 24, 2011


Yeah, Missy. A story about Jenna and her poop somehow managed to find its way into my interview today, which was not just with HR, but also the school director and their resident behavioral analyst expert. I’ve been interviewed by several people before, but only when it was an internal position and I already knew the top dogs on a first name basis. This was a little more intimidating, but they gave me very good vibes, were personable, but still professional, and seemed to appreciate my story, even if it was gross. But, the question was, “When was the last time you changed a diaper?” and that was the last time I could recall an encounter so close to poop…explaining that a diaper wouldn’t even cut it and we had to go straight to the bathtub. I also hadn’t realized until after I’d filled out the application for the position that the FACE (Florida Autism Center of Excellence) is a charter school of Hillsborough county. So technically they’re a public school, but they to follow their own rules. (See The Lottery for an interesting documentary look on charter schools versus public schools – it was rather informative and intriguing)

If that falls through, I’ve gotten an assortment of messages through for nannying/childcare positions which would be nice cause they’re paid in cash and the hours are probably more negotiable than working for a company. Nate and I also sent an inquiry off to some folks about being house parents. Not sure how that would work, but that’s why we asked for details, and we know the pay is a great deal more than what we’re presently making. Getting ahead on the student loans would be fabulous.

Week 8 of my 10 week school term is almost over. I’m several entire books behind (luckily they are closer to novels than textbooks in their format), and a few papers in the making. Naturally then all I’d like to do is crawl in bed and nap the day away. I suppose sitting on the porch with Roman Provence tea, Greg Laswell playing, and Nate absorbed in prepping a D&D course for some non-RPG folk is a close second to a nap.

Ethics in Computer Sciences Paper: drafted
Natural Resources and Community Values Paper: barely even though of
Wealth and Poverty Paper (Ethnography on The Banquet): in need of a last interview and some serious note compilation

I am appreciative of the fact that my Peoples of Africa class doesn’t require a paper. I would be duped if they did.

In responding to those nanny/childcare messages and whatnot, I decided that I really like signing emails
“Cheerfully,” rather than “Sincerely,” — because people seem to be more in need of genuine reminders of cheer than they are of a typical closing that implies stiff sincerity. Just a thought…

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