Day 11: No Experience Necessary

Posted on February 22, 2011


I was up on time-ish this morning. A later time since I’m just on the other side of very sick, but mostly on time, nevertheless.

I have always been fascinated by the expectations within the work industry for having job experience. It seems as though the expectation or belief is that everyone volunteers within their field, or that there exists a secret society of employers who provide everyone else positions with “no experience necessary” so that when they go to apply for the positions where you are required “1 to 2 years of experience” within the field, they’ve already got it. If it weren’t for the Bellewoods of the world who trust that you are teachable, I myself would still have nothing but 6 months of volunteer experience in my field, more than likely.

Anyway, that is an aside. The discourse on experience was only given to me because the lady thought I was applying for a direct care position with the disabled at one of Quest’s group homes. If you happen to have experienced with the disabled, or other-abled, go here and click on Tampa or Orlando respectively for a recent list of available positions. I’m hoping to get in with the FACE (Florida Autism Center for Excellence) to be a teacher’s assistant. I would prefer part time or on call right now, but in the interest of financial preservation, I’ll be willing to take the full time position if they offer me that. On the sunny side, I would become excellent at waking up in the mornings, since my workday would begin at 7:30 am.

This is an afternoon for porch sitting while listening to some amazing radio, a fine frenzy, and drinking some hazelnut-sugary-milky-coffee goodness from Dunkin.

Still need to investigate how to market and sell cards on etsy (one of my favorite online places to shop ever) for Missy (see the link to the right for Snappshots, that’s her).

I hope that today you have whatever experience necessary to afford you some porch sitting of your own, or whatever version of that past-time you would most enjoy. Working on balance and tranquility demands moments like that.

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