Day 9: Nantou Lilac

Posted on February 20, 2011


Kaleisia is a favorite Tampa place for me. Before I had internet at our tiny house, which is finally pictured in more detail at the bottom of this post, I went there almost daily to complete my schoolwork with some amazing tea.

This afternoon Nate and I sat with Peni and Amanda for a while and I drank Nantou Lilac Oolong for my gravely sick self and ran back and forth between the bathroom as Nate demanded I keep myself excessively hydrated so that I get my voice back and not keep sounding like a man.

Coming, on March 27 from 7-10 pm they are hosting their Gifts of Love event. I know some very talented people and you should all consider taking a shot at the $100 and free tea for a month. Here’s some more info from their site:

“Best talent wins $100 cash and free tea for a month! (priceless)

Kaleisia is hosting a talent show at the 6th Annual Gifts of Love Celebration and we’re looking for local performers. If you’re a dancer, comedian, magician, jugglers, or have any fun talent and would like to participate, please email kim[at]

Did we mention that winner receives $100 cash and free tea for a month (priceless).

What is Gifts of Love? It is Kaleisia’s annual community building and charity event. There will be face painting, silent & live auction, henna tatt00 artist, balloon artist, photo booth, and much more! Every year we add something to the mix. For this year we hope the talent show will be a hit. (Click here for 2010′s flyer) More info on GOL 2011 will be posted soon but for now, save the date.”

I have a great deal of deeper things that I would like to muse on, but I am still sick, recovering, and in the last few weeks of my term which means I have several papers due soon that aren’t even drafted, let alone completed and fit for human eyes.

Since there are a few people that have been curious about how we live in 240 square feet of space, I took a few pictures. I’ll include a picture of our bedframe that some people have already seen. I neglected the bathroom, but that’s because there’s really not much to show there in the way of storage. For the curious eyes:

Obviously bike space is an issue we’re still working to resolve. This week will see some changes in our space, at least as far as laundry finally getting put away and we’re going to do a purge of things we don’t use. There’s too much of that still.

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