Day 7: Bouillon and Cayenne

Posted on February 18, 2011


I’m sick. It showed up quick. From this cold I have learned that not every brand of chicken bouillon is acceptable. Whatever one we got from the dreaded Wal Mart was completely unacceptable. Chicken bouillon and cayenne pepper are fabulous together while piping hot for a sore throat or to clear out your stuffy sinuses. But because I could hardly sleep due to my stuffed up head, I definitely didn’t get up on time.

I spent the morning at the Hub (the main stage for much of Tampa Underground‘s work) with Nate interviewing Jon D. again for my trimester long project on The Banquet about homelessness, the technical and subjective definitions of poverty, and other aspects of free food those who need and/or want it.

I’ll go 30 days with my sleep log and then I’m going to keep my posts about interesting and useful things rather than letting you know whether I managed to drag myself up with the sun or not. After a month if I can’t do it, I’m just disgraceful, and you shouldn’t have to hear about it constantly.

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