Day 5: No excuses tomorrow

Posted on February 16, 2011


It’s here: my last day at ACTS. Kids are asking me to stay and whining about me going, and imploring what manner of going away goodies I will bring. If I bring any, we’ll be eating pasta most of the next two weeks since we flubbed our grocery budget a bit this time around and didn’t leave much room for extras or fun things.

I didn’t wake up until 11:30 this morning 2 1/2 hours later than I’m supposed to by my own terms, but I was up until the last possible minute (3 am) completing deadlines for school that were due by midnight Pacific Time. I’m excited about being able to do schoolwork this week during daylight hours. Maybe on the porch with some tea since it’s barely starting to warm up enough for that to be comfortable without several layers on. I still managed to make whole wheat pancakes again this morning for breakfast for Nate and I, and I intend to do either (or both) the laundry folding that has been unattended for weeks, or the pile of dishes in the sink that makes it nearly impossible to even rinse something that you’ve washed.

Valentine’s Day was a success — we did nothing. But in the spirit of love and all that stuff, we try to do the dishes for each other and feed each other well. And usually we don’t blow money that is set aside for something else on other things, in respect of each other (and our tight budget). But I broke that rule today, too, using my “shoe money” to bring in goodies for the kiddos on my last day of work. As one said, “Aw man Ms. Charlei – you’re the one leaving and here you are blessing us with all this stuff!!” It was lovely and awesome to see how much some hot sauce, dressing, chips, and snapple tea could brighten someone’s day. They proclaimed dinner the best they’d had in quite some time.

On the sheet for this week: possible art show over the weekend, homechurch house party/awareness thingymabobber on wednesday with CIW people (click on this giant link if you’re interested in checking this out, it’s a public event and lake house is a great place to be on wednesday night if you love people and food anyway), the banquet on thursday (a meal to serve the homeless/needy/whoever needs a meal put on by these guys in ybor, and a great deal of catching up on missed academics.

Oh yeah. And a bike ride. Map My Ride is going to become my friend again, soon.

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