Day 4: Bring me my wig

Posted on February 15, 2011


As Nate said, there is some justifying of poor discipline going on for me. But logging my failures is still helpful, because even if nobody reads these regularly, it helps to keep me accountable and feel a bit of positive pressure to keep trying to find that inner discipline.

Heather P. told me yesterday about a prison where they are teaching meditation classes and having breakthroughs that talk therapy never had for those people. I’m gonna look up the article and edit this post later, but I definitely have some plans for yoga and meditation classes in my foreseeable future.

The article is here:

Another day of fail, but it’s the last of my final two days at my job and my sister-in-law made her big news of a little bean sprout in the womb public today. My first born-in niece or nephew. I will be the Aunt who always has gum.

Now…will I be Aunt Charlei or Aunt Chuck? Or will my brother-in-law insist that his kiddo calls me Trillian? Only time will tell.

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