Day 1

Posted on February 12, 2011


Well I had a draft to this, and it got lost. So be it.

I amended my original intent of 8 am to 9 am, considering that I am still working a 2nd shift job that leaves me not even clocking out until after 11 pm and not walking in my door at “home” until 11:20-11:40 pm depending. It’s unreasonable to think that I’ll be a sane person if I stay up until 3 am doing schoolwork and then still expect myself to get up at 8 am. And since the whole intent behind this is to help the balance in my life and my sanity, I decided that 9 am is fair.

Ted, if that means I have to wear the rainbow clown wig, well, I will – just to be fair. But I think it was a reasonable and allowable decision.

I woke up at 9, managed to shower, make my husband breakfast before he was even considering being out of bed (something he had often done for me and had long ago earned some reciprocating for), started an outline for a term paper, and then went to Kaleisia by 11:15 am to interview Damian about The Banquet – a topic we will touch more on after I have done additional research, participation, etc.

Since these daily posts on my “getting up on time” are probably going to be rather boring, I figure I should add a sprinkle or two of awesome to them with some good (in this case, GOOD things that I find around the www for fun or among my scholarly pursuits. Today’s: The series called “People Are Awesome” where you nominate people who do awesome things and then this awesome site/magazine tells a much larger mass of people about them so that everyone can experience their goodness. I think I should nominate Damian and The Banquet, actually, but don’t tell them that.

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