Organizing a Group

Posted on October 21, 2010


Where are the best resources for organizing Groups in residential treatment when you’re not the therapist who has taken classes and training on this? Life Skills Groups with minimal resources would be a fantastic curriculum, or even simply a think tank for someone to come up with so the world at large has access and can offer something interactive and worthwhile to the youth that they work with.

Despite searching large numbers of site for team building activities and group games, the resources seem to fall short in that there is little aimed directly at dealing with a group in a residential setting. Instead, the group games tend to be set up for camp and the team building activities are typically aimed at professionals in a work setting — people who would already have a more mature approach to such a group and would require less instruction or guidance through such an activity.

If anyone already knows of resources for these types of groups specifically, that would be great:

Life Skills


Cultural Diversity

Team Building

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