actualizing tendency

Posted on May 9, 2010


i’m sitting with cheerwine in florida with two little rat dogs that yip constantly
attempting to do homework while the aforementioned creatures make poop magically appear behind me
due to feeling neglected
making me both glad that i’m not technically responsible to clean up the mess, however small it may be
and also glad that humans don’t tend to react to feeling neglected in quite the same way
though at times their way is worse
because more often than not
the metaphorical or emotional equivalents
stain much more
and are most definitely not removable with a few sheets of paper towel

instead they require hours of intense manipulations of your inner waves
an excess of sugar and sunshine
and endless subclauses to promises that keep me sane

but that being said
i enjoy being a human guinea pig
and risking skin cancer for my vitamin D cocktail.
now to re-inject myself into the world of post marked friendships
charlei’s chocolate milk factory
wonderful children 🙂
& the deepest of learning.

what i am is good enough if only i would be it openly
carl rogers

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