stuck in a wasteland

Posted on March 30, 2010


i love seeing the things that you cannot see in a car
when i’m on half as many wheels
powered by my own grit and will

there are bavarian-style apartment buildings in bowling green.
and i doubt they would feel as comfortable if you were in a car driving past
or in the complex with the kiddos running amok

i am bathing myself in the momentary
and soon-to-be fleeing excitement
that comes with brand new classes and things to learn

today was a long day. in the way that happens when you wake up before the sun
but the kind of long that means you have more time awake and alive
and with great people.

sometimes i don’t know what to do when my soul feels scattered
and like its particles float all over the globe with different people
or is it my heart? i have a hard time telling the difference…

i feel like jesus grows in spring leaves
maybe because it’s at the end of winter when i feel my sunshine fading out
and i know he’ll bring me more light and life again

welcome to the wasteland of changed plans
where everything just fell through
welcome to the racetrack strewn with the broken backs
of men who just weren’t strong enough

so lay your head upon this pillow
i’ll be here if you want to sleep
i know you’re tired of being alone
you’ll be safe with me

welcome to the graveyard where the hollow people are
whose bodies smell of the earth
i can see the toothless grins
of them skeletons that haunt you in the dark

welcome to the graceland of clean hands
where God has set us free
from all them empty, useless,
vile things that once was attached to me

and i can see the cold hard chains nailed to a tree you set me free
and i can feel the warmth of His blood
as i run through the stream
then my alarm clock rings

-mark mathis, wasteland

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