hurricane glass

Posted on February 10, 2010


i am severely lacking in the sunshine vitamin
my body misses florida. i need a visit soon.
in the meantime i’ll settle for a vitamin b supplement.
blah on that. i really feel like whining about why the sun will make me better.
the sun + heat + my bike = less lethargic half-hibernating charlei

my car has finally officially passed the 200k mark
it had a year-ish without a working odometer, so it’s easily closer to 300k since it was the year of multi-moves and all that jazz, but i think the clunker is still going beautifully. i can’t wait to do the new paint job come spring :]

i have a hard time not coddling.
being the softie is much more natural to me.
so giving the “yeah it’s hard, so what are you going to do about it?” talk lately is taxing
so i have been sleeping in excess. wathing House in excess. not reading nearly as much as i want to, and falling severely behind on this world food crops class of mine. and yet somehow managing to complete assignments that never did exist in the first place for my anthropology class. what is the deal, yo?

living out, rather than trying to explain in bullet points (because when did those ever work Anyway?) the fact that sometimes feeling like you deserve something doesn’t ever mean you’ll get it, the fact that doing good is never going to be worth doing if you only do it for people’s appreciation of good, the fact that you can’t un-remember things, but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to let them control the way you act, or the fact that God actually does Know and understand all these things very intimately is…hard. because my audience hasn’t all even started shaving their faces yet, let alone developed a scratchy foundation of emotional awareness.

but God is good, and he’s there, watching me and them and giving us all what we need
be it patience, a possible kick in the pants, punch in the nose
or a heart three sizes to big, giving you issues as well as endurance
and i thank him for all of that.

missy wins the hero of the month award with josh in close second. he couldn’t be first, if nothing else because those underscores in his pleo name are a Pain 😛
they know why they’re awesome and deserve my thanks.

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