Posted on December 24, 2009


i know i’m tired when one of my kiddos says “miss charlei, you look really sad today. usually you’re all laughing and stuff.”
nothing that a lot of holiday wrapping, time with beloved people, and a crack-load of chocolate and tea won’t help fix.

my holiday treat to myself: a new windshield for my car (ok. so i Have to get that to register it in kentucky, which i should’ve done 4 months ago) & yoga for the month of january. we’ll see how it goes in january and work from there. my body definitely is screaming for it.

i am transforming my boys from non-readers into orson scott card lovin’, bible-absorbing youngin’s one testosterone filled teenager at a time. thank Jesus. and orson scott card.

puttin’ on the curly hair and stepping out into the world french toast ingredients in hand and lots of “laughing and stuff”

i love you all.
thank you so much for what i have gotten so far to help these boys. they are the world to me.
we’ll continue to need help, but xmas has been so good so far.

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