Posted on December 2, 2009


i love feeling like i belong. and i always feel like i belong to people, not to places.
it’s like different portions of the world have various time shares of my heart and soul.
it’s not a profit business, that’s for sure, but it works well for what it is. very well.

my mom made some Awesome stockings for the boys at bellewood.
i think maybe i’ll just take pictures of them stuffed before i deliver them.
the pictures i have right now of them empty do them no justice. she did a fantastic job.

he introduced me to monkey picked oolong tea.
i’ve been binge drinking on tea lately and finally have acquired a tea pot after a long while without one
i still have awesome tea cups from VA…these things make schoolwork so much more bearable.

i am feeling things in stanzas of 3’s and 4’s lately
it seems a decent way to organize my brain space
and my heart space. 3 main parts to the brain, 4 to the heart, seems appropriate.

i would not say i love you so much
if you could teach me a better way, i said
& he said that’d do fine for now.

i love to say ‘i love you’ when i care for people
but i’m glad jesus showed me a better way
so i try to do both even though i know i’m out of balance a lot.

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