Posted on November 4, 2009


i broke out my big bible again. it’s funny re-reading notes that you wrote a good 5 years ago
especially when you don’t even know if you believe half of them anymore.
a sloppy window into my brain of a younger self.

my birthday was the most uneventful in years, but it came complete with some very relaxing moments
a new book πŸ˜€
money for possible new books : ]
and an excess of hugs from people i love very dearly.

oh, i also got the most hilarious birthday card ever. i’d show you a picture of it, but if i showed you, i’d have to kill you.
it’s fun to say that.
not true, but my job is still confidential enough that i can toss the line around for fun. heh!

thank you for all the well wishes.
i’m a decade past my kiddish self of 12 years, but i’m still mostly convinced i’ll be a kid forever
now just a kid with pretty sore shoulders a lot of the time πŸ˜›

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