a day sandwich

Posted on October 15, 2009


peanut and chocolate induced lock-jaw
gave way to an afternoon nap preceded by a conversational disaster gone serious, misunderstood, hilarious, & hopeful,
the nap itself being filled with the most awful dream i have ever had.

all followed by the electric buzz of a room full of a dozen children, half that many separate conversations/scenarios/fight scenes/pretend house cats occurring simultaneously
it seems sensible that kids should just carry around static electricity with them
& be able to zap you just by looking at you
because when they are around me, that’s what it feels like when i look at them & get that pang in my gut that immediately comes before gut-wrenching laugher and ear-to-ear grins

seeing how my day began with children telling me good morning & waking up right along with me
& ended with cuddled up, jammie encased smushy baby hearts telling me “night night,”
none of the bizarre fillings could have successfully ruined it.

God gave me a challenging day surrounded with beautiful children bookends he handpicked for my helping.

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