Posted on October 10, 2009


today felt like an emotional baseball bat to the face.
i was supposed to do schoolwork. i suppose i got some of it done, but really, not enough to be considered an accomplishment of any sort.

i did eat chocolate cake, drink tea, grape juice, and hot chocolate, though….

my diet seems to be waltzing away like little red riding hood on her way to hades with a hand-basket and not for the better…

so along that vein, i am cooking for a baker’s dozen tomorrow.
swedish pancakes.
if only i felt like cooking at all.
if that doesn’t change in the morning, it’s going to be a doozy of a start to my 14 hour day.

some people don’t understand what it means when you say “i’m really exhausted and i think i’d rather do it another time”
because their response was “don’t worry, i’ll buy the stuff you need.”

arrrrggghhhhhh. & ugggghhhhhhh.

in other news: i did laundry?
does that get me a gold star?

it’s one of those days where i have no heavy whipping cream for my tea
no flannel pajama pants dry for my pjs
no inclination to do the mound of dishes in the sink
& no way to solve the mass amounts of troubles in the world

on the bright side, as there always is one:
i love my kiddos & i know even if i don’t want to do breakfast tomorrow, i know they’ll love it & they charge me up like a car battery ;]
they’ll feed me more than my breakfast will feed them. because that’s what love does to people. & i know they love me, cause i’m pretty sure they can tell i love them.

i only hate people that deserve it, she said. how do you know? i said. trust me, she said. i know.

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