laying low to avoid the wrecker ball

Posted on October 5, 2009


i promised my boys a chocolate cake, so i’m sitting here on my bed at 1:33 am eating the leftover chocolate cake batter out of the mixing bowl in my hippo pajama pants, the previously mentioned awesome hoodie, and some pink fuzzy socks (of course i don’t match!). i have a pumpkin spice candle burning (peni, i actually saved the ones you gave me this long….cause i love them too much to burn them except on nights like this…) and things are mostly good.

i have used up all my free plays of the brook lee catastrophe on lastfm, so i may have to invest in a real cd instead of streaming…

my patience with regurgitated philosophy classes is officially worn out. never again, academia, never again…

so my birthday is coming up, and a lot of people here are going to see the avett brothers on halloween, which is the day Before my birthday, but the tickets are something like $37– so…if anyone is feeling generous? hehe.
i’m kidding, seriously, because i have no idea what my work schedule is, but i’m toying with ideas for my “happy birthday to me” gift.
i mean, it’s been 11 years since i had an palindrome birthday…
that deserves at least a little something special.

it’s funny to think about what happened a year ago and where i was in my life at this hour. not actually very funny, though it is slightly humorous to think that i Do actually know precisely where i was about this hour a year ago, and with whom and what i was doing. don’t worry, there wasn’t a worldwide event going on that anybody would know about, but there was a birthday of a good friend and some particularly life-changing events going on in my life. i am grateful that a year ago, the evening included a long session of lolcatz : ]

i wonder how many times we read 2 peter and skim over this part:

so then, my brothers and sisters, since we are looking forward to these new things, let us be diligent to be found by him to be spotless and blameless and at peace

at peace.

wow. for this alpha-challenged girl, that’s tough.
but God is teaching me every day more and more of what that Doesn’t necessarily mean.

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