Posted on April 22, 2009


according to the iroquois, the only way light and soul can be properly conveyed (in context this is specific of wampum, but i believe this extends beyond it) is through careful articulation in their messages. “silence or inarticulate rage” are considered the antithesis of peace.


that’s not silence as an absolute, but in the context of treaty and friendship-making.

i’m writing a paper on how my view of the term economy has changed over the course of my anthropology class.

we value things in a certain way for a certain reason, based on certain principles. how many of them are culturally imbued, and what are they? are they affecting you positively or negatively? what about the american “standard” for economics?

in other news, i put siding on a house today, which was awesome. it was a perfect day to be outside using power tools and pounding up pieces of a home 🙂

and, i still love the kids at the children’s home, but i don’t know what to do about the kids and the staff fighting over me. two boys got into an argument about me last week with one little boy saying, “that’s not fair, she’s been in your cottage two weeks in a ROW!”
ha! oh to be so loved and wanted by such small people.

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