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Posted on September 11, 2008


Evie left the NICU today in Cali. Mom called me as they were leaving the hospital. I still fail to see how I became so special to be melded into the life of the wee one. Well…that’s not entirely true, but I feel very privileged in it, so I’d like to think I can’t see it 😛

More often than not, my mind and spirit function a bit like a cyclone, often being very effective at moving things, but not always so effective at moving things and keeping them whole and beautiful. The beauty of…everything as of late, is seeing that realizing how connected I am to the universal whole of mankind does not have to cause me great grief, but because I need to be connected to God first and foremost, I also get a maple tree syrup tap right into God’s goodness, and thankfully He operates, not on a seasonal basis, but year-round.
The cyclone can calm to a breeze and it’s there that God whispers. It was said quite a while ago that God was not in the strong wind, or the fire, but in the quiet whispers. Do you listen to His whispers?

God’s Spirit has been quite more alive in my life once I became willing to let him be. Trust. Being willing to believe that God gives the best, no matter what he gives, because he cares, and he is able to give The.Best.. Absolutely. Christopher said, and I think rightly, that trust is letting go– letting people go trusting that they will make the right decision even if it hurts, and that God will give the best and the right thing if you are willing to let go of everything to his will.

And I close with a toast to finding art of yourself and being infinitely connected to the universe…

grace and peace.

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