Posted on August 9, 2008


So the other day while at work walking around the plant, still trying to troubleshoot the fact that Pandora would no longer work on our laptop in the lap, since I finally got rid of the troublesome spyware on it and cleaned out a lot of junk from the hardware, I realized something, and that realization led to a few other ones…

There are people, and not just a handful, but whole populations in this world who will live and die and never have even heard of an iPod.
There are countless number of women who would never even give a thought to caring that there might exist such a place as Victoria’s Secret.
People will go their whole life without ever flushing a toilet or using a public water system.
I often complain about not having air conditioning in my car, when millions of people have no air conditioning. Period.
Having the choice to eat or not eat and know that I’ll live either way is ridiculous wealth in and of itself, because some people wouldn’t make it, and don’t, when they don’t eat.

And these people, for all the things someone might say they’re “missing out on,” aren’t any less a person made in God’s image than me. They still have their problems, and their joys (Lord willing), and their hopes and dreams. I am no better for all the “things” I happen to have. But I put far more stock in what green pieces of paper and cloth can get me than I should.

I am only 1 in over 6.5 Billion. I shouldn’t forget that.

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