The Living Will of a Sinner

Posted on June 8, 2006


To Love: I give my judgments over
With leaps and bounds of assumptions
That should not be there
And only God can cover

To Joy: I give my sadness
When I fail to feel Christ
Shining in my life
And forget the hope He’s left

To Peace: I give my revenge
My jealousy and my envy
My desires that burn and singe
Every part of an enemy

To Patience: I give a flailing heart
And words that come too fast and impetuously.
I struggle with time
And when it will start.

To Kindness: I give my rough side
Which fails when trial comes
When frusteration surfaces
And patience turns and runs

To Goodness: I give my badness
That doesn’t turn the other cheek
Or offer a cup of water
To the hungry ones filled only with sadness

To Faithfulness: I give my fluctuance
My committment that quits on me
To care for and set free
To be a bondservant to One

To Gentlesness: I give the tomboy
That part of me always is
That claws and yells like a banshee
And forgets the Lamb who lives

To Self-Control: I give my all
To gain all these things that I pass by in haste
For my last will and testament
As a sinner who will die to myself.

-Charlene Scott

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