And So It Goes…

Posted on May 10, 2006


So after I typed that last entry on the way home, the clutch on my car died– in the middle of an intersection.

This will be finished later due to the Harr-asing of the Harris half of the Reynold’s…

Two cops had to come and push me to the nearest gas station (which was pretty close) and then…they left. Are cops supposed to just leave when a car is obviously not working? Well, these did. I called Kerrie and she got in touch with AAA who towed my car down to Sonoco (after an hour of driving around to find someplace that would fix the car with an estimate under $800) and the guy said he would call us with an estimate.

Then…get this. Kerrie, after all her driving around and helping ME, takes Carly and Brooke and I (her two girls) to Baskin Robins because I’d “really had a rough day” according to her!! I told Carly and Brooke that they should be just like their mom when they grow up. I interuppted Kerrie’s day and she’s making sure I feel better and am not too stressed. That’s the way of Christ. Looking out for others before themselves. I love them so so much.

So now, today, they called and my car passed safety and emissions (neither of which I was sure it would pass) and $600 later and a new clutch, I should have a car that runs well.

I’ve never had girls cry because I was leaving before. Carly and Brooke were crying tonight when they realized I wasn’t coming home with them and instead was going out with my boy to the Reynolds apt. to hang out with them and him.

Today I went with Carly and Brooke to the park and we attempted to play soccer, which didn’t go over well because Brooke is faster than Carly and Carly wants to “take turns,” which nobody really does in soccer, and Brooke just wanted to go fast, so it was a mess. We decided to walk to the creek instead. I got to take Carly, Brooke, and their friend (now my friend, too) Victoria wading in a creek with no shoes on and their pants rolled up for the first time. You could tell they’d never done it before, but I totally was slipping and sliding down the mossy, rock-covered memory lane of all my rock-hopping days.


That was joy.

The girls held a frog that I caught, also a first for them. I carried Carly back to the car piggy back since she stepped into mud and had to take off her shoes again. We passed the bathing geese and headed back to the van and then went out and listened to some silly songs and hymns that were new to the girls.

It was a very fulfilling day.

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